Logistic Service

Logistic Service

With its long history and wide network, Akmel provides secure transportation services under all conditions in Iraq and Middle East. In addition to its logistics centre in Erbil, Iraq, Akmel has offices, warehouses and trucks yards in Erbil, Baghdad, Basrah, Zakho and Turkey. Company focuses on providing the most suitable, efficient and cost effective logistics solutions with its own trucks, professional team, competent agencies and project partners around the world.

Land Transportation

Akmel has been specialized in land transportation in Iraq,Turkey and Middle East. Transportation for all kinds of goods with specific trailers, lowbeds, reefer trailers and car carriers. - Automotive, container, bulk cargo and project transportation. - Door to door delivery. - Customs clearance, storage services. Fleet vehicles are monitored by GPS system

Project Transportation

Akmel successfully meets the project based demands of its clients. Our company, with the capacity to transport oversized and overweight cargo to anywhere in the world, has been specialized in transportation of petroleum, energy, steel and construction projects in Iraq and Middle East. Akmel is main transport supplier for international organizations(NGO).Akmel has lot of ongoing contracts.

Storage And Packaging Services

Our company aims to lower total operation costs throughout the supply chain and improve the work process of customers. Along with the best solutions in transportation, we also provide storage systems suited for the needs of the customer and loading, unloading and handling services with our own machinery and equipment.Akmel has covered and open air storages in Iraq.

Customs Clearance, Insurance And Consulting Services

Akmel executes the clearance works of exporting and importing companies and provides transportation arrangements, insurance and customs consultancy. Our professional staff follows the constantly changing regulations, examines possible results and informs customers in this regard in order to keep the service quality at the highest level. Also an internal auditing mechanism is set in order to maintain quality and keep the whole process under control.

Automotive Transportation

With its own car carriers and experienced staff, Company is one of the key players in automotive transportation serving both domestic and international clients since 2004. We transport approximately 4,000 automobiles per month to Middle East especially to Iraq. In order to meet rapidly increasing market demand for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Middle East, company has added new trucks to its fleet and expanded its market share.

Multimodal / Combined Transportation

Akmel uses the most effective combination of transport (land, sea and air ) to minimize the logistics costs and adds strategic value by creating a financial advantage for its clients. We consider all special needs of the project at all stages and create most suitable solution with minimum cost.

Forwarding Services

Akmel provides “forwarding” services quite successfully with its connections throughout the world. Using the most effective and economic combinations of land, air and sea transportation options, Akmel creates the most efficient solution for the cargo to reach its destination safely and on time. It acts as a solution partner for its clients by providing all kinds of consultancy services for clearance, delivering export and import documents and tracking customs clearance process for the cargo to be delivered to the right place on time.

Parcel Cargo Services

In order to provide fast solutions in project transportations, our company has started providing parcel cargo transportation services to Iraq and Middle East.



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