Akmel’s objective is to fulfill the catering services you need without compromising hygiene and quality standards. With our outstanding experiences, we are ready to offer services for all kinds of private, state and military projects. At the construction site’s installation stages, we perform our catering service uninterruptedly and without compromising our quality standards, through our mobile kitchens that we deploy on the site until your main kitchen is installed. The kitchens requested particularly for your energy, oil & gas and construction projects can be installed and operated by our company, with the help of eminent and well-known brands. Otherwise, we can provide services for our distinguished customers, through our experienced cooks and assistants in the kitchens installed and equipped by you. The food products used during the production stages are high-quality and well-known brands, and each product is started to be used upon approval of our customer. The menus are prepared by considering the seasonal and country’s conditions, after calculating the calorie levels by experts and in line with the requests of our customers. We have a food engineer always present at the kitchen department of every construction site, which enables us to continue supervising every single moment of production uninterruptedly.



Gazna Road Ainkawa, Erbil / Iraq
Wazireya, Baghdad / Iraq


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